How to restore Riding Boots with Famaco Leather Renovation Dye Cream

Do you have an old pair of riding boots that have long since seen their best days? For that matter do you have any old leather boots or shoes that need some much needed TLC?

If so – I have the product for you!

My brother is a prolific rider and so gave me a pair of riding boots that were tired to say the least (ravaged by years of neglect and friction against the horse and saddle). In this video I am going to show you such an easy way to give your tired leathers a much needed face-lift, for a fraction of the time and cost of sending them away, leaving them as good a new!


  1. Apply Famaco Universal Cleaner and clean the boot fully (in a well ventilated room). This cleaning is crucial as it gives the boot a clean surface for the Renovation Cream to bond with (also hygiene!).
  2.  Once the boots are clean, colour match the renovation cream (there are over 40 shades of leather dye in our Famaco range) and apply one coat with either a cloth, brush or sponge.
  3. Allow this application to dry and then apply a second coat and finally a third and ‘voila’!

Leather is like skin and if you really want to protect and nourish it; after you have done this restoration I would advise to give the boots a good polish with a Famaco Cream Polish and maybe even a luxurious coat of Famaco Saddle soap (also amazing for your reins and tack) to keep them nourished and supple!

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