How to clean shoes with Woly Combi Cleaner

We wanted to show just how quick and effective Woly Combi cleaner is. It’s a specifically designed mouse for all types of leathers, synthetics and textiles. The general rule of thumb is that this product is perfect for absolutely any shoe.

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Here’s our step-by step guide….

  1. Inspect shoe to see where the dirt is and what kind of dirt you are dealing with. Salt, grit, mud and light oils can be removed by using this product.
  2. Squirt the product over the whole shoe. The product very quickly turns into a foam which expands and covers the shoe. Don’t be afraid to cover the shoe, it’s safe!

3. As you can see from the picture below, we’ve completely covered the shoe. We’ve used the Woly Combi sponge to do this. Don’t apply a lot of pressure to spread the product, you want to just spend some time covering the shoe so the cleaner can work its way into the shoe to lift the dirt.

4. Now that you’ve spread the foam around and left it for 30 seconds, you can start scrubbing! Start from the top of the shoe and work your way down, or go from the cleanest area to the dirtiest so you aren’t spreading the dirt. Apply a medium amount of pressure. The idea is to work the cleaner into the material so it can lift the dirt.

5. Once you are happy you’ve spread the foam around, it will slowly sink into the shoe and the dirt will be on the sponge. Wait 10-15 minutes for the shoe to completely dry before wearing again. We also recommend spraying the shoe with Woly 3×3 protector which protects your shoes in the future from mud, grit, salt and general dirt.

6. Enjoy your shoes!


Thanks for reading! Please feel free to email us if you require any advice on how to care for your shoes or about Combi Cleaner: [email protected]

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