How to clean, protect and enhance leather shoes with a few simple products!

We’ve created a short video to show you how to clean, protect and enhance your leather shoes.


The shoes in the video belong to me. I’ve owned them for the last year and I haven’t put any products onto the shoe prior to the video, so this will hopefully help you see how the products can be used on any shoe condition.

The video contains all product details and shows you how to clean your shoes, but I also wanted to create a step-by-step guide in this blog post to cover any extra details. If you require any information on the products feel free to email us or comment below!


Step 1. remove the laces from your shoes. This is important as you don’t want to miss any of the areas covered by your laces, or get any of the products on your laces!

Step 2. (optional) place a shoe tree in your shoe. This is worth doing as you keep the shoe in shape when you are applying pressure, plus you can leave them in to keep your shoes in shape.

Step 3. Clean the top of your shoes using Woly combi cleaner. Remember to clean the tongue of the shoe, but also apply quite a fair amount of pressure to remove and stubborn mud, grit, salt or general dirt. It’s also worth cleaning the underside of the shoe with this product. Soles of shoes are a lot more robust, so apply as much pressure as you feel necessary. Leave to dry for 10 minutes.

Step 4. Once combi cleaner has dried out, your next step is to nourish the leather. Over time, leather can dry out and crack, plus not having the same supple feel and look as it had when brand new.

Step 5. Apply a small amount of combi cleaner on to the cloth. Don’t worry if you feel you’ve used too much or too little, it spreads evenly into the leather and slightly darkens it. Once dry, your shoes will come back to their original colour but will have a slight ‘glow’ to them. It sounds obvious but leather is made of hide which was once living! Nourishing leather adds moisture and keeps the leather flexible and crack free.

5. Once you’ve left the shoe to dry for 5 minutes or so, it’s now time to polish your shoe! We’ve chosen to use one of the Woly creams (there’s over 50 to suit every leather colour). Polishing your shoe is easy, you want to wrap the cloth around a single or two fingers and rub the cream into the leather in a circular motion.

6. Once you are happy that you’ve covered the whole shoe, it’s time to drop the cloth and pick up the shoe brush  and buff the shoe! Polishing a shoe isn’t about polishing the leather, it’s about polishing the polish. Generating heat and friction will slowly bring the leather up to a high shine. Spend 5 minutes per shoe to achieve the best results.


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