cleaning and whitening sneakers

Summer is now well and truly on us and the biggest shoecare question of the moment is… whitening sneakers

How can I keep my Sneakers looking out of the box fresh and white…

Well here is how and it is so simple and easy.

Famaco Sneaker range has a shampoo, complete with a brush nozzle that completely cleans the fabric or leather of your sneaker.

Famaco Whitner restores the ice white colour to your trainer. Easily restores the box-fresh feel to your worn, dirty sneakers. Whilst being highly effective, the whole application is quick with effective results every time. You can immediately see the transformation!! This trainer whitener is long-lasting and a fantastic way to restore trainers

Check out the video below and see just how simple and how little time it takes to keeps those trainers white and soles sparkling white!


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