Football Pre-Season

Football Pre-Season

It’s almost time for everyone to get the Football boots out and start the hard work of pre-season training.

Pre-Season is about getting your body in shape, especially after a long summer of drinking and frolics with all the Football Lads! But did you know that taking care of your boots is as important as taking care of your body, without the proper equipment you’ll never hit top form and bag your team the winning goal!

Here we have some great products, and to help you get an idea of what each does we have a Football-likeness for each product, so read on to find out how to look and feel as good as you know you should!

Football Himalaya

Up first is our fox in the box, the Woly fashion leather cream, simply rub it onto your shoes and they will look as good as new after a long off-season of doing a Harry Potter, living under the stairs! Available in a range of colours you’ll be smashing in the goals like Jermaine Defoe in his prime, and who knows, people might actually want to kiss your boots because they look so good!

Next in our line-up is the midfielder dynamo, Nigel De Jong, no team can be without a ball winning, hard tackling midfield beast! And no pair of boots can be without our Woly Himalaya Wax, available in a home and away kit of Black or Neutral whatever formation you decide to play this hard working wax will both protect and shine your boots!

And to round off our dream-team is the one and only, world-cup winning, plain lace! Long and Streaky like Peter Crouch or short and wide like Fat-Ronaldo we have every type of lace you could ever need, simply thread them through your boots like Stevie G threads the passes to Suarez and you could consistently finish 6th in the table as well!

So if you’ve enjoyed reading our blog don’t forget to check out the products, and we want to hear your Football/Shoe Care analogies! Just comment below to put a smile on everyone’s face!

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6 comments to “Football Pre-Season”

  1. Ian Thompson says:

    How about Scott Parker as a cedar shoe tree? Traditional, premium, hard-working and 100% English! Let’s Ave it Lads!

  2. Jimmy West says:

    Hi, I tried the Himalaya wax on my new Adidas classics as an alternative for the good ol’ bath soak. It was really good as it kept my feet dry but also allowed the leather to mold around my feet. Prevents cracking after playing in the mud too. Thanks.

  3. admin says:

    Hi Jimmy,

    Thanks for letting us know that, it’s definitely something that we will pass onto other people. Hopefully your new boots will now fit like a glove!

  4. Ian Thompson says:

    I’ve got a good one, how about Emile Heskey as a Heute Machine? Built like a tank, does the job and has loads of international experience 😉

  5. There’s only one analogy for this, John Terry as a “Horny” shoe horn!

  6. Jodie Hawkins says:

    I tried the himalaya wax on my boys football boots and it worked a treat 🙂
    A great alternative to dubbin too.

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