Fluorescent Laces

Fluorescent Laces

We’re in the middle of Spring/Summer for the fashion world and making a statement with bright and bold colours is definitely a key feature. Fortunately we have an ideal way to update your wardrobe without breaking the bank, our fluorescent laces are a simple way to make an understated fashion statement.

We have three key ways that these laces can be used, all of them providing spectacular results.

Part One – Up-cycling

Do you have a pair of shoes that have seen better days or do you have a local charity shop where you can pick up a pair on a budget? A great way to create a vintage look with a modern edge is to take these worn out shoes and replace the laces, the contrast of old and new always looks great and if you use our fluorescent laces the contrast is even more stark!

Part Two – Pastels and Neon’s

Pastel colours are making a comeback, this time around dulled out blues, greens and pinks all make for wardrobe must haves, and of course no wardrobe is complete without some trend-setting shoes. Why not a try a pair of pastel coloured canvas trainers with a bright lace of the same colour to really bring the attention to you whilst maintaining a key summer style feature.

Part Three – The Warehouse Warrior

With Summer only weeks away all of those late night BBQ’s and parties are sure to start up soon, why not have a throwback to the ‘Old Skool’ and get the neon out. A night on the tiles decked in bright colours is always a great conversation starter, but remember, the only way to complete the look is by having those shoe laces just as loud as the rest of you!

So why hesitate, even for those on a tight budget one little lace can turn your outfit from bad to fab! Click the picture to below to view all of our fluorescent laces!


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