Combat fallen arches, blisters and foot odour with Woly Comfort Plus Insoles

Our feet support us all day and take a lot of wear and tear. If you suffer from smelly feet, fallen arches or blisters, I have the answer for you!

Indulge your feet with a pair of Woly Comfort Plus insoles. Woly Comfort Plus Insoles are the ultimate in foot support and care, consisting of a luxurious leather footbed with a unique anatomical shape and extra cushioning.

I trialed these insoles for a week and have the following fantastic feedback to offer. The Insoles are leather to absorb moisture and are made of four layers which all work together to create an extremely comfortable and high-quality insole.

Now let’s look in more depth into the science behind the Woly Comfort Plus!

The top layer of the insoles is made from leather for breathability and comfort. These were very comfortable in the shoe and gave a feeling of quality under my foot. The middle layer is made from activated Carbon to absorb odor and reduce moisture. These two layers combine to reduce moisture and increases breathability to fight smelly and odorous feet. While I was at work, I almost immediately felt the benefit of this.

In addition, the bottom layer of the insole consists of a deep heel cushion to absorb shock and add support. There is, also, soft padding on the metatarsal bone area. The insoles have an anatomically shaped footbed. Above all, this structure offers better comfort within the shoe, therefore, is perfect in combating flat feet and walking over. The cushioned foam sole is specially designed with antislip dots to increase grip, making the insole sturdy and secure when in place.

Flat Feet insoles

Combat fallen arches, smelly feet and blisters with Woly Comfort Plus insoles


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