Fight Arthritis and Rheumatism with Copper Heeler Insoles

Fight Arthritis and Rheumatism with Copper Heeler Insoles

Too many people around the world suffer in pain with with arthritis.

Experiencing joint pain on a regular basis is very painful, with many people choosing either to bare with the pain or to use Hot and Cold Therapy to reduce joint pain.

However, with increasingly busy lifestyles, having time to soak joints in a warm water or wrap frozen gels around oneself is not always easy or convenient . A traditional alternative to ease arthritis are copper bracelets and rings. However, copper jewellery only covers a small surface area of your body and is not always discrete.

Copper Heeler Insoles have been designed to reduce stiffness caused by arthritis by creating a larger surface area for your skin to touch the copper (14 times a larger areas than the bracelets). While also being on the sole of your foot allows copper absorption to be both discrete and comfortable.

Copper Heelers work to reduce pain as the copper is absorbed by the skin and circulated throughout the body. Copper is an essential trace mineral present in all body tissues and helps in the formation of red blood cells. This has been used for generations in the medical field for arthritis and even to purify drinking water.

Virtually every cell in the body utilises copper, and together with iron and zinc,  this trio of minerals are essential to our well-being.

Fight rheumatism arthritis with Copper Heeler insole

Fight rheumatism and arthritis with Copper Heeler insoles

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