What do your feet say about you?

Whether a complete sceptic or a true believer, we’ve all come across the idea of palm reading to predict your future, but have you heard of foot reading?

Whilst we’re not sure that looking at our feet could give us a glimpse into the future, it’s definitely true that the condition of the feet is a clear insight into a person’s life. Here are a few things your feet give away about you…

  1. When you are embarrassed, the neck of your big toe will blush as well as your cheeks!
  2. When people are depressed or down, their weight is put on the front of the feet, leaving darkened areas of skin on the underside of the toes.
  3. Compare the colour of your feet to the colour of the skin above your ankle. If the foot are paler, poor circulation and exhaustion is indicated.
  4. A callous on the ball of the foot can indicate that a person is tense, perhaps having shouldered too much responsibility.

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