Are your feet making the right impression?

It’s human nature to make those all-important first impressions based on how people look and dress; whether you get a job or not can be decided before you’ve even spoken, whilst potential clients can be influenced by how someone is dressed at a meeting. A recent study has discussed the top five physical attributes that people were judged on, with footwear coming top of the list!

In research by the Journal of Research in Personality, it was found that people were able to accurately guess a person’s age, gender, and income, based only on what was on their feet. Further to this, specific personality traits were shown to be associated with different styles of shoes, with masculine looking pairs discussed in connection with ‘less agreeable people’, and stylish pairs with ‘rich and conscientious’ wearers. Ankle boots were deemed to be worn by people that came across as aggressive.

Other attributes found to be open to judgement were whether a woman was wearing too much or too little makeup, the amount a person smiled and whether their teeth were straight, professional clothing, and expanded posture.

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