Cleaning Trainers With Woly Combi Trainer Cleaner

Trainer Cleaner Tutorial With Woly Combi Cleaner

We’ve all been there, you buy a new pair of trainers and a muddy patch of grass leads to a complete disaster making your fresh footwear look like you’ve been wearing them for months on end. Fortunately there is a fast, affordable and simple fix to bring your trainers back to their former best using just a cloth and trainer cleaner.

For this example I’ll be using Woly Combi Cleaner, a normal lint free cloth and my post Sunday League football worn Nike SB Stefan Janoskis. In this instance I was lucky enough to have only got mud on the lower part of the trainers but some other slightly tougher stains were also present from wearing them at the gym and out and about.

Nike SB's Pre Trainer Cleaner

Muddy & marked outsole ready for cleaning.

Applying Woly Combi Cleaner

As a trainer cleaner, Woly Combi Cleaner is fast and effective and doesn’t require much product at all which means it will last. The easy to use aerosol releases the trainer cleaner as a mousse which can be applied sparingly around the outsole of the trainer. As you can see from the photo below just a small amount is enough spread evenly around the bottom of your trainers.

Cleaning Nike Trainers

Muddy Nike SB Stefan Janoski Trainers


I allowed the trainer cleaner to soak in for 30 seconds before moving onto the next step. Next you’ll need your lint free cloth. If you don’t have one you can pick up our Woly cloth for £2.19 along with your Combi Cleaner for £8.49. One cloth and aerosol will last you for months or even longer and can be used on numerous types of footwear.

Begin to rub the cleaner into your trainers varying the pressure depending on how tough the stains and marks are. The mud came off extremely easily as it was just resting on the surface whereas the marks from the gym and driving took a little bit more effort.

Cleaning Nike SBs with Woly Combi Cleaner

One down.


Even the marks that had been present for longer came off with just a little bit more pressure and the whole process took less than 10 minutes for both trainers. The toughest part was the pattern on the outsole which required me to work the cleaner in different directions. A bit of perseverance though and the trainer cleaner did a great job.

Cleaned Trainers

Job Done


Having not previously used Woly Combi Cleaner to clean trainers, I was seriously impressed with how easy and effective it was. My trainers were back to their best despite being pretty filthy beforehand. The best thing about how easy Combi Cleaner is to use is that you can maintain your trainers, keeping them looking their best permanently rather than giving them an overhaul once in a while. With so little product needed it can also be used on multiple different pairs of trainers and numerous times.

It isn’t just for white trainers either. It can be used for various colours of smooth and rough leathers, suede, fabric satin and synthetics to remove mould, salt, water marks and dirt.

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