How clean are your shoes?

One problem that many people have is foot odour, often caused by a build-up of bacteria within their shoes. Shoe repairers and retailers are perfectly poised to tackle this issue through the sale of specialist shoe care products.

Shoes are a natural breeding ground for several types of bacteria. The inside of a shoe – warm, moist and encased for hours at a time – offers the perfect conditions for bacteria to multiply, causing unpleasant odours and infections.

How good are the conditions for bacteria to breed? A typical shoe will contain an average of around 42,000 per square inch.  That’s literally billions of bacteria in a pair of shoes, with trainers being amongst the worst culprits. It would not be unreasonable to compare the inside of a pair of shoes to a petri dish because of the volume of bacteria and mould it harbours in its damp and dark environment.

As for the outside of shoes, the news is just as unpleasant. When tests were carried out, the worst example contained 66 million organisms on the bottom of their shoes. Compare that to the 1,000 organisms found on the average toilet seat and it gives you some idea of just how much bacteria the average footwear contains.

Specialist shoe care products such as the Magic Fresh or the Shoe Fresh range of sprays and insoles from Woly / Shoestring offer a unique level of protection from bacterial odours.  When returning shoes after they have been repaired, it’s an appropriate opportunity to explain the potential pitfalls of bacteria by asking the question.  “Do you know how many bacteria can live in a pair of shoes?” The answer of 120 billion may surprise them.

However, the problem of bacteria control can quickly be solved by ensuring that the shoes are cleaned regularly and spayed with an application that contains silver – a ‘magic’ ingredient that cuts down bacteria and odours in an instant.

If you are looking for a quick way to help your customers whilst boosting sales of shoe care products, take a few seconds to educate your customers about the amount of bacteria that their shoes contain – and at the same time offer them an instant solution.

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