SHOE FRESH A very simple yet effective product which can give you the confidence to wear your favourite shoes once again. If you’re looking for a cure for smelly feet you aren’t alone. Thousands of people search for shoe odour sprays every month with the summer months seeing even more searching for a cure. This simple foot odour spray will have both your shoes and feet smelling great so that you can relax and feel confident in your favourite footwear. Smelly shoes no longer need to… Read more »

Using Suede Dye To Restore Suede

How To Restore Suede With Suede Dye

How To Restore Suede Trainers & Shoes With Suede Dye Restoring suede shoes and trainers with suede shoe dye isn’t as difficult as you might think. One of the biggest… Read more »

Using Woly Combi Cleaner and Crème Essentielle Leather Balm

Have you got dirty, tired looking shoes? With the Woly Combi Cleaner and Crème Essetielle you can revitalise your shoes.  The Combi Cleaner with Citrus power is a magical mousse cleaner!!… Read more »

Combat the rainy days…

With the rain looking to be sticking around for the time being, your customers will undoubtedly be looking for ways to protect their footwear – after all, wellies don’t look… Read more »

How to repair scuffs and scratches on shoes

Whilst most scuffs can be easily covered by a normal shoe cream, some are a little harder to remove. However, with the help of Woly’s wax colour renovating polish, shoes… Read more »

Tips for looking after patent leather

 Caring for Patent Leather Patent leather instantly makes any outfit look more formal and put together. We’re often asked for tips on how to care for patent leather, so here… Read more »

Children learn to tie their laces later than ever before

A new report has found that whilst children are now able to use complicated hi-tech gadgets at increasingly young ages, the age at which children learn to tie their laces has… Read more »

Caring for shoes in the winter months

We know that your customer’s boots and shoes can take a battering in the colder and wetter months, with snow, rain and mud rendering them a bit worse for wear.… Read more »

How To Polish Tan Leather Shoes

Here at Fresh Step we often get customers asking for advice on how best to polish tan leather shoes. We know that tan shoes can be the hardest to know how… Read more »

Football Pre-Season

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