Recolour Shoes

How To Cover Scuffs & Recolour Shoes – Guest Post

How To Cover Scuffs & Recolour Shoes With Famaco Dye Creams – The Shoe Consultant Scuff cover People often ask what they can do to repair scuffed shoes. Another common question is how to fix marks caused by salt used on pavements in winter time. The great news is that these shoes are not beyond repair. Footwear can take some time to wear in and form to your feet, so it’s always worth trying to repair your favourite shoes. You’ll save money, and get to hold… Read more »

Woly Shoe Cream

Shoe Cream – What Is It & Why Do You Need It?

What Does Shoe Cream Do? You can view our entire shoe cream range by clicking HERE. If you’re the sort of person who likes to purchase a pair of shoes… Read more »

Clarks Desert Boots

Shoe Protector Spray – Waterproof Spray For Shoes

Using a shoe protector spray or waterproof spray for shoes is the perfect way to preserve your footwear and keeping them in pristine condition. With our Woly 3×3 Shoe Protector… Read more »

How To Clean Leather

How To Clean Leather Shoes, Boots, Bags & More!

If you’ve ever wondered how to clean leather properly, you aren’t alone. The web is full of guides on how to clean leather but they’re very general and don’t consider… Read more »

How To Polish Leather

How To Polish Shoes – The Fresh Step Guide

Despite being furthest from our eye line, it’s often a person’s shoes which catch our eye first. With that in mind, surely it makes sense to ensure that your shoes… Read more »

How to Lace Your Sport Shoes

Lacing your sports shoes properly can help make your shoes or boots feel more comfortable, hold your heels firmly in place and even stop laces coming undone as easily. It also lowers… Read more »

Insoles for the summer

Summer shoe care and accessories are so important when you’re putting your winter boots back into the wardrobe. You’re probably wearing last years summer shoes that smell a bit musky… Read more »


Hard Work!

Hard work needs hard working equipment!

Leopard Print

Leopard Print Jungle

It's a jungle out there, so check out our leopard prints!


Fluorescent Laces

Key fashion tips on how to handle Fluorescent colours.