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Sinking in the grass with heels? We’ve got a solution…

Ok, picture the scene… you’ve been invited to a summer social function (garden party/wedding/corporate event) finally a chance to wear those beautiful drop-dead gorgeous heels you’ve spent all winter searching for. Finally, their chance to shine! Everything is going perfect when… you’ve made your way onto the lawn and you heel sinks into the grass. You take another step and the other foot sinks deeper. Uh oh, you’re in trouble… High heeled shoes really aren’t the greatest choice for walking on grass, but they look too… Read more »


SHOE FRESH A very simple yet effective product which can give you the confidence to wear your favourite shoes once again. If you’re looking for a cure for smelly feet… Read more »

Shoe care for bare feet?

Shoe care doesn’t just mean caring for shoes, it also means caring for your feet – even if you are bare footed. With our extensive range of bare foot beauty… Read more »