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How to cure smelly feet

How to avoid smelly feet and smelly shoes

This blog post will help anyone who has ever suffered from smelly feet (just about everyone at some point!). Wearing your shoes for a couple of days in the warm weather around your local city, walking and exploring… but coming home to find your feet and shoes smell rather bad. A lot of modern shoes do not offer much breathing, especially formal leather shoes, so we’ve created this short little blog post to tell you how you can keep your shoes clean and fresh. Products used:… Read more »

Using Woly Combi Cleaner and Crème Essentielle Leather Balm

Have you got dirty, tired looking shoes? With the Woly Combi Cleaner and Crème Essetielle you can revitalise your shoes.  The Combi Cleaner with Citrus power is a magical mousse cleaner!!… Read more »