Caring for shoes in the winter months

We know that your customer’s boots and shoes can take a battering in the colder and wetter months, with snow, rain and mud rendering them a bit worse for wear. Here are some tips to pass on to your customers on how to care for their shoes…

Battling through the ice and snow whilst the streets are being gritted can make you unhappily familiar with the white salt line that appears around your shoe when it has dried out. Whilst it would be best to use a desalting product, it can be beneficial to create your own cleaner using equal parts white wine vinegar and water. Dab the solution on the shoes and then rinse with a damp cloth. Allow the shoes to dry away from an immediate heat, which can make leather become brittle, and then buff with a clean cloth.

To erase those scuffs which seem to magically appear in the colder months, dip one of Woly’s polishing cloths in water and then baking soda and rub the scuff gently. If your boots are made from rubber, use the same method but use a kitchen scouring powder instead of baking soda, as it is a stronger treatment. Once the scuff is gone, remember to buff the shoe with a dry cloth.

Remember that suede and wet weather do not mix, as suede loses its texture when wet. Rub off dirt with a soft dry cloth, or target specific areas with an emery board. Buff with a Woly suede brush to lift the texture of the suede. If the suede is still matted, try holding the shoe near the steam of a kettle and then buff again.

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