Caring for your handbag

Want to provide the same care to your handbags that you do to your shoes? No problem! We have a wide range of bag care available in the ‘Loving My Bag’ range.

What you can use for a leather bag:


Perfect Gel

Spa Treatment 

69981530 Protector 3x3 single6999 LOVING MY BAG SPA 150MLcloth

Step 1) Use Woly Combi Cleaner to remove all the dirt from your bag, if you use a white cloth you’ll see just how much dirt has collected on the leather. Rub the Combi in to the leather in small circles.

Step 2) Perfect gel will nourish leather and make it soft and supple. Use this like a moisturiser for you bag.

Step 3) Perfect Gel will clean and protect your hand bag with a mild perfume.

Step 4) Spray with 3×3 protector for some high quality water proofing. The protector repels rain, salt and dirt for long period of time to prevent needed to clean your leathers frequently.

  • Protector – This product protects any material that can absorb it, so leather, suede, fabric and even snakeskin are waterproofed by it. Apply regularly in order to keep a high level of protection.
  • Loving My Bag Spa Treatment – This treatment nourishes and conditions leather bags, preventing cracks and softening the leather.
  • Loving My Bag Perfect Gel – A mild cleaning gel that is perfect for even the finest leather, removing stubborn marks without attacking the leather.

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