Can your shoes help to make a good first impression?

At Shoe-String we know that shoes can often be the most important part of an outfit; if you’re wearing the right shoes you can feel on top of the world, whilst wearing ill-fitting or inappropriate shoes can really affect both your own mood and other people’s perceptions of you. With this in mind, we’ve pulled together some ideas to boost your customer’s shoe confidence!

Although all clothes help to give people a sense of your personality traits, it is shoes that people pay most attention to when forming a first impression. Your shoes can affect how you are perceived in both job interviews and social events, so what do your shoes say about you?

Firstly, make sure you pick the most appropriate footwear for the occasion; turning up for a job interview in a pair of trainers or boots will not give off the best impression, whilst wearing dress shoes to a casual party will also set you apart from others. Even if you gave a brilliant interview and demonstrated that you had all the relevant skills, your shoes will have made a lasting impression, with your interviewer perceiving you as someone who does not make an effort.

After making sure you have the right shoes for the occasion, make sure they are clean! Make sure you own shoe polish and the best brushes to use for cleaning, so you are able to clean them at short notice. Trainers are easily cared for with a toothbrush and some light soap, although there are specific training shoe cleaners available.

Next time you have an interview or social event, think of shoes as the most essential part to your outfit in order to make the best possible first impression.




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