How to Fit an Insole

Step 1

Remove the old insole from each shoe. Insoles typically aren’t glued to the bottom of a shoe, so they should come out easily. Use care to not rip the insole as you remove it.

Step 2

Asses the purpose of your insole – are you looking for warmth? Support? Odour control?

Step 3

Cut to Size (CTS) Insoles comes with a guide on the reverse of the insole – use this guide if you have ordered one of our Shoe String insoles. Our Woly range are sold by sizes, choose your shoe size. If you are buying a thick insole, make sure you have enough room in your shoe to accommodate them. Insoles such as Exquisit by Woly take up a lot of room but also provide a lot of warmth.

Step 4

Slide the new insole into the shoe, toe first. Place your hand inside the shoe to adjust the insole so it is seated properly in the toe area. Push down on the insole’s heel area so it is fully seated in the shoe.

Step 5

Trim the insoles if they do not seat properly in the toe or heel area. The new insole should sit flat against the bottom of the shoe. Use the old insole as a guide if trimming is necessary by placing it on top of the new insole and trimming excess areas.

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