Add some sparkle to your shoes

In the current economic climate, it’s clear that people are spending their hard earned money on products that will last, instead of frittering money away on cheap products that will barely make it through two outings.

Shoe-String’s range of shoe accessories are a really handy way to add some much needed character into your customers’ safe and sensible purchases. Shoellery can really transform the look of an old shoe – a sparkly shoe clip will create a unique look.

For the more outgoing of your customers, our designer soles are a sure fire win. Our red soles add some interest to stilettoes, echoing the chic look of the famous Louboutin sole. Alternatively, our metal drops will create a distinctive and eye-catching look.

To find out more about Quality Shoe Care’s selection of specialist shoe care products, call 01858 438 254 .

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