Shoe accessories for the summer!

Summer Shoe Accessories

I have put together a must have a list of must-have summer shoe accessories for you – from sockless insoles to shoe deodorant to high heel care and much much more.



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Grip-TightGrip tight is essential if you’re wearing heels a lot this summer, so simply peel and stick grip tight onto the bottom of your heels for extra adhesive friction against the floors. Polished wooden floors are a problem of the past!

Woly Pure Fresh Barefoot insoles Woly Pure Fresh Insoles are ultra-thin fresh scented Insoles for the ultimate in barefoot comfort in the summer. Made up of 4 layers, these insoles ensure a long-lasting freshness and offer a firm footing in the shoe.

Shoe Fresh – A deodorant for your shoe. We all know our feet get that little bit sweatier in the summer, socks or none. Woly Shoe Fresh neutralises odours instantly, so simply spray in your shoe and off you go.

Woly Odour StopThese insoles compliment Shoe Fresh. If you have a particularly strong odour from your feet (no shame, we all do!) simply step up your game by using Odour Stop insoles. This insole is made from 100% cotton on top to absorb sweat. Charcoal is activated to increase comfort whilst stopping the odour.

Heaven Step – Those heels aren’t forgiving, but you can make the night less painful by wearing Heaven Step. The gel cushioning takes the pressure away from the balls of your feel.  Your feet will feel more comfortable for long periods at a time. Ideal for keeping in your purse so you can slip them in and our any time you need.

Heel Stoppers – As seen on THIS MORNING, heel stoppers are fantastic at weddings, races, and parties. Heel stoppers stop you from sinking into soft mud when you’re wearing your best heels. Protect your heels for longer by keeping a pair of these in your bag or hand them out to your guests if you want you to protect your wooden floors.


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