4 Springtime tweaks to up-cycle your old shoes and bags

With spring well and truly on us, here are 4 Springtime tweaks to up-cycle your old shoes and bags!

Now there is a lot I could and should be doing, from wallpapering to a splash of paint, however, I thought I would up-cycle my favorite accessories.

1.FreshStep Shoe Clips – HIGH HEELS

Now as the old adage goes, a lady can never have too many shoes. This is certainly the case if you have a collection of Shoe Clips to give your favourite heels regular facelifts

The clip on and off feature of these mean you can swap them between all of your shoe collection and create a range of styles. This blog is going to feature two of our most popular shoe clips and the best ways to wear them, so keep reading

First, is our simple black bow, this elegant and understated shoe clip with diamante detail looks great with dress shoes and creates an impression of class and style. Best paired with black heels and placed either directly over the toes or slightly angled towards the outside of the shoe, but these clips still look great no matter what you match them with.

Up next are the ever-popular Golden Globes, these clips always look great especially on the dance floor to create a simple party theme! Best matched with a pair of flat shoes of any colour but don’t be afraid to try these out with a pair of heels or even as a bag accessory!

So why not have a look through all of our clips and chains to decide your favourite, just click here!

Shoe Clips for up-cycled High Heels

Shoe Clips for up-cycled High Heels

  1. Woly Suede Velour Liquid – CONVERSE

If like me, you have an old pair of Converse (or two) at the bottom of the wardrobe that have seen far better days, do not write them off yet!

Take a look at what I did to my pair.

Simply use Woly Suede Velour Liquid and push the liquid into the material.

Pop in a fresh pair of ShoeString laces and you have a new pair of converse ready to go!

Up-cycled Converse using Woly Suede Renovator

Up-cycled Converse using Woly Suede Renovator


  1. MY Bag handbag care – HANDBAGS

An expensive leather bag or holdall is not just for Christmas, if cared for well- it can be an investment for life.

The MY BAG range of luxury handbag care products is perfect for prolonging and nourishing your bags.

Take a look at the video below where I got to grips with an old Marc Jacobs bag.




  1. Famaco Sneaker Range – SNEAKERS

If you want to prolong the lifespan of a favourite pair of old trainers this is what you need.

  1. Firstly, shampoo with the Famaco Sneaker Shampoo, the shampoo comes with a bristle nozzle that allows both easy application of the mouse and swift cleaning, refreshing the colour of old and tired looking shoes.
  2. Apply the Famaco Sneaker White liquid to white areas and sole.
  3. Spray Famaco Shoe Deo inside, this gives long lasting freshness to your sneaker and fights foot and shoe odours.
  4. Finally, spray Famaco  Protector, which repels muck, oil, water, and fading from the rays.

Items from the range are available individually but for the whole kit, follow this link


Sneaker Cleaner

Restore and clean your trainers with Famaco Sneaker Range

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